About the book

The Eccentric Billionaire
The Corrupt Establishment
The Forgotten Man

Nearly thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet regime, Michael Neamtu watched the battle and predicted the victory of Donald Trump, the Republican gladiator, against the Clinton dynasty.

Philosopher and theologian familiar with the history of Late Antiquity, Dr Neamtu describes the clash between the Trump movement and the corrupt establishment of Washington DC in terms similar to the martial games held in the Roman Colosseum.

The sword of the combatant was his Twitter account. His enemies were a legion of politicians, highbrow academics, journalists, and sold-out experts.

Why did the American people cast their vote in favor of an underdog? What was the crowd’s reaction to Barack Obama’s arrogance? How was it possible for Donald Trump to defeat the Hollywood consensus and mainstream media bias against him? Where was FBI in this ongoing battle? Why did the Christian communities grant their support to a folksy, foul-mouthed, and highly unconventional character?

What should radical Islam, Communist China, and Putin’s Russia be afraid of? Will Europe learn its lesson from this extraordinary victory carried out by an American patriot? This book will provide you all the answers you were looking for.

Table of contents

Part One. Donald Trump: The Making of a Billionaire


  • The American Soldier and the Italian Student. A Parable


Chapter 1: A Historical Background

  • Sailing towards the American Dream
  • The Memory of Scarcity and the Secret of Affluence
  • WASP Capitalism The Scottish Legacy and the Central-European Ethos


Chapter 2: Trump’s Personal Philosophy

  • Art of the Deal
  • Think Big and Fly High
  • Freddy’s Death: A Hard Lesson of Life
  • Emotional Intelligence and Practical Wisdom
  • The Protestant Work Ethic
  • A Transylvanian Story
  • The Parable of Talents


Chapter 3: Business Skills

  • The Portrait of a Young Ambitious Man
  • The Right Man at the Right Time
  • Branding, Marketing, and Communication
  • The Image, the Money, and the Facts of Life


Chapter 4: A New Deal: #MAGA

  • A Robbed Mother: Mary Anne Trump
  • Law, Order, and Street Safety
  • Illegal Aliens and the Mexican Wall
  • Individual Freedom versus Collective Victimhood
  • American Citizenship and the Melting Pot
  • Protecting the Constitutional Rights
  • Halting the Economic Decline

Part Two. The Corrupt Establishment

Chapter 5: Obama’s Legacy

  • Denying the American Exceptionalism
  • Professional Incompetence and Ideological Blindness
  • The Globalist Corruption
  • Clinton Cash


Chapter 6: Leftist Frenzy

  • Manliness and Civic Virtue
  • The University Campus: A Story Education versus Indoctrination

Part Three. The Forgotten Men and Women of America

Chapter 7: The Judeo-Christian Civilization

  • The Biblical Tradition and the American Nation


Chapter 8: Donald Trump and the Christian Faith

  • Is Trump a Religious Man?
  • The Holy Bible, “the Book of Books”
  • Pride, Ego, and Forgiveness
  • The Gospel of Wealth
  • God, Money, and Philanthropy


Chapter 9: Fighting Political Correctness

  • The University Campus: A Story
  • Does Radical Islamic Terrorism Exist?
  • The First Amendment
  • Defending Israel


Chapter 10: Merry Christmas!

  • The American Patriots
  • The Revenge of the Deplorables